An anniversary in an Arti'stick way !

On this season tune up and let your young artists customize their anniversary party by decorating windows with Arti'stick, the removable stickers !

Follow the step by step >

Material :

  • Tube 75ml Arti’stick Yellow
  • Tube 75ml Arti’stick Orange
  • Tube 75ml Arti’stick Red
  • Tube 75ml Arti’stick Green
  • Tube 75ml Arti’stick Outliner Gold
  • Transparent plastic sheets
  • Printed drawing
colours and tools

Completion time: 1 hour  Drying time: 24 hours 

balloons to print

Balloons to print

gift box to print

Gift box to print

boy to print

Boy to print

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to print

anniversary cake to print

Anniversary cake to print

step 1 gold outliner

Step 1 : Once the drawings are printed, place them inside plastic sheets. Trace the contours of the drawing using the Gold outliner. 

gold tracing

Tracing the cake

filling the cake

Step 2 : Fill-in the outlined portions of the drawing using the appropriate colours.

sticking the cake

Step 3 : Allow to dry 24 hours. Remove the stickers and position them on windows.


Happy Birthday

coloured balloons

Coloured balloons

coloured boy

Coloured boy

coloured gift box

coloured gift box

Window decoration

Window decoration