Create a wonderful coloured fish using the drawing gum technique

Drawing gum is so easy to use that it becomes the ideal technique for children ! Once the paint is dry, the drawing gum rubber solution needs only to be peeled to reveal your drawing and there you have it ! A true magic trick !

Workshop for children with adult supervision

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Material :

  • 1 bottle Primacolor, 250ml Yellow
  • 1 bottle Primacolor, 250ml Green
  • 1 bottle Primacolor, 250ml Blue
  • 1 Drawing Gum, 45ml
  • 1 flat brush
  • 1 Canson sheet A4 size
fish with drawing gum

Easy technique with Drawing gum

colours and tools

Completion time: 1 hour and 30 minutes Drying time: 1 hour for the Drawing GumCleaning of tools : Soap and water

step 1

Step 1 : Protect the work area and wear an apron. Soak the bristles of the brush in soap without washing it.  Trace the design on paper with the Drawing Gum using a brush. This drawing gum can be peeled off, but needs to dry 1 hour.  Carefully wash the brush and allow it to dry.

step 2

Step 2 :  Once the Drawing Gum dry, cover the entire surface with the water based Primacolor blue, yellow and green paints.  Allow to dry.

Etape 3

Step 3: Rub the drawing gum with your finger to remove it. Your original drawing will be uncovered.