Go Green! With Empty Glass Jars and Primacolor

A fun way to recycle your empty glass jars, it's simple: all you need are clean empty glass jars and paint. Pebeo's Primacolor is perfectfor this kind of project because it's opaque and covering. Have fun creating differente shades by mixing the three colors and the sparkeld varnish as wished. 

Nothing more simple for an everyday activity!

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Material :

  • Gold sparkled varnish 110ml
  • Primacolor tyrian pink 250ml
  • Primacolor emerald green 250ml
  • Primacolor White 250ml
  • Small glass jars
  • Big metal jars
  • Woden sticks 
Gold sparkled varnish

A bluffing result! 


Completion time: 1 hour Drying time: 30 minutesCleaning of tools : soapy water

Gold sparkled varnish

Step 1 : Clean the glass jars and dry them. Pour the sparkled varnish in the jar.

Turn the jar

Turn the jar in every direction so all of the inside is covered with sparkled varnish.


Turn the jar upside down. Put it on the woden sticks and let dry for 30 minutes

primacolor color

Step 2 : While it's drying, choose an other glass jar and a color. Pour the colored paint in the jar

primacolor color

Turn the jar in every direction so all of the inside is covered with Primacolor. Turn the jar upside down and let dry for 30 minutes


Depending on the quantaty of glass jars, it is possible to do different shades by mixing with with tyrian pink and emerald green