Step 1: Apply a coat of Gesso on the pumpkin of your choice with the large brush. White Gesso for lighter colours and Black gesso for darker colours. In this example, the White Gesso is being applied.


Step 2: Paint the pumpkin with the Studio Acrylics colour of your choice using the large brush, once the Gesso is fully dry. Here, the Studio Acrylics Titanium White colour was used.


Step 3 : Paint the stem of the pumpkin with a Studio Acrylics colour of your choice using the smaller brush. Here, the Studio Acrylics Mars Black colour is being applied.


Step 4 : Decorate the pumpkin with a veil or a Halloween accessory of your choice. Here, the pumpkin is covered with a black veil.


Step 5 : Repeat steps 1 to 4 with the other pumpkins. Create head turning Halloween pumpkins with the accessories of your choice to become the envy of your neighbourhood! 

Halloween Pumpkin ideas with Pébéo Studio Acrylic

Products used :

  • Pumpkins of various sizes
  • Studio Acrylics Black Gesso
  • Studio Acrylics White Gesso
  • Studio Acrylics Titanium White Paint
  • Studio Acrylics Iridescent Precious Gold Paint
  • Studio Acrylics Iridescent Orange Yellow Paint
  • Studio Acrylics Mars Black Paint
  • Large brush for the pumpkins
  • Medium brush for the pumpkin stems
  • Halloween accessories