How to play and paint in the manner of "Pollock" ?

What pleasure for a child to throw paint on a canvas being only guided by his creativity : a first step towards abstract art and there you have it ! It is so very tempting.

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Material :

• 1 bottle Primacolor 250ml Fluo Yellow
• 1 bottle Primacolor 250ml Fluo Pink
• 1 bottle Primacolor 250ml Fluo Orange
• 1 bottle Primacolor 250ml Fluo Green
• 1 roll of adhesive tape
• 1 cotton canvas
• 1 black marker

Carla taking pleasure in drawing like Pollock

"Pollock" in the kids manner

colours and tools

Completion time: 45 minutes Drying time: 12 hoursCleaning of tools : soapy water

tape positions

Step 1: Protect the work area. Position the canvas and place adhesive tape strips in all directions.

dripping the paints

Step 2: Cut with scissors the ends of the bottles (be careful not to make large holes). Then, in the manner of "Pollock", take the bottles and pour the colour following your inspiration. Overlap the colours while going over the tape.


Step 3: Once the colours are dry, remove the adhesive tape and fill in using the black marker the empty lines with the names of friends.