Make a beautiful butterfly with ease

To paint pretty things, you do not need to be an artist. A few simple shapes associated to pretty colors ... and your children will be proud of their creations.
To begin properly, Pebeo proposes to paint a butterfly with Prima Magic colours.

Follow our step- by- step >>

Workshops prima magic step 1

1- Take a sheet of paper, fold it in half. On one side, paint two round shapes with orange paint. Then add blue in the center of each existing circle.

Workshops prima magic step 2

2- With another color, such as red, draw a ’loose’ circle around each orange circle.

Workshops prima magic step 3

3- While the paint is still wet, fold the white part of the paper over onto the painted part.

Workshops prima magic step 4

4- When the paper is opened, the butterfly wings will appear. With the brush, paint a black line to make the body and antennas.

Workshops prima magic step 5

5- A beautiful butterfly is watching you.