Painting with balloons ? It's inflated and "Magic" !

As youg as 3 years old, with Prima Magic Paint and rubber balloons, children can express their creativity with no limits. You inflate them, they use them as stamps to illuminate the paper with a medley of vibrant colors that magically do not mix... The secret ?

Follow our magician step by step ! >

Materials :

  • 1 Prima Magic kit
  • 3 canvas boards 18x24cm
  • 1 foam roll
  • A bunch of balloons 
Follow the step by step
tools and colours

Completion time: 45 minutes Drying time: 1 hourCleaning tools : soapy water

Kit composition

Protect your work area table and wear an apron.

Paint  the base of the canvas board with the foam roller.

Step 1 : Pour 3 colours of your choice onto paper plates. Paint  the base of the canvas board with the foam roller.

Step 2

Step 2 : Moderately blow-up the balloons, so that they are easy to handle. Dip the balloon into one of the selected colours. .

Press the balloon onto the canvas board

Step 3 : Press the balloon covered with paint onto the canvas board.

Repeat Step 2 & 3  with another colour

Step 4 : Before it is dry use another balloon and repeat Step 2 and 3 with another colour.

Final result

You can repeat the operation over and over again,  depending on the number of colours  that you want. You can overlap colours to obtain magical and surprising effects.