Peace of the Buttons

Pebeo new workshop: "Peace buttons"; an easy workshop for a glossy finish with Brillo Pebeo paint. Have fun making this workshop and decorate your room with Peace signs! Follow the step by step >

Material :

  • 1 bottle Brillo gouache Primary yellow
  • 1 bottle Brillo gouache Magenta
  • 1 bottle Brillo gouache Ultramarine blue
  • 1 Touch deco Tube
  • 1 3D Stretcher size 40X40 cm
  • 1 flat brush n°8
  • Buttons
  • A drawing of the « Peace » symbol to print
Le signe de la paix avec la peinture Brillo de Pébéo

Peace of the Buttons!

Colors and Tools

Completion time: 1 hour Drying time: 6 hoursCleaning of tools : soapy water

Peace sign

Step 1 : Print and cut the "Peace" symbol. 

Paint in yellow

Place it on the stretcher and paint in yellow as proposed in the photo on the side.

Paint the buttons

Step 2 : Allow to dry 30 minutes. In the meantime, paint the buttons in blue using a fine stick to help with the coloring of the buttons, as shown in the picture on the side. Hint: do not overlay the painted buttons to avoid that they stick to one another. Allow to dry half an hour.

Paint in magenta

Step 3 : Return to the stretcher to paint the « peace » symbol using the Magenta Brillo gouache. Allow to dry 30 minutes.

Paste the buttons

Step 4: Using the Touch Deco tube, paste the buttons on the area painted in red. 

Writting with Touch deco

Step 5: With the same Touch Deco tube, write the title “Peace buttons". Allow to dry 6 hours before hanging.

logo peace

Peace sign