Swing your colours with this lovely wooden mobile!

We are happy to show you how to create a colourful wooden mobile with this new early learning workshop!     

Things you need :

  • Bottles of PRIMA COLOR Tempera gouache: white, primary cyan, primary magenta, light green, primary yellow, bright orange
  • 6 wood sticks  (ideally driftwood or light coloured wood)  about 20-25cm long
  • String (1m)
  • Paintbrushes

Things you need 

Preparing your colours

On a palette or in small pots, prepare the colours by blending 50% white + 50% colour.

Painting the wood sticks

Save a wood stick to make the support. With the flat paintbrush, paint several rings of different colours and sizes on half the length of each wood stick. Put them in a glass (painted side up) and leave to dry. Then paint the other side of the sticks.Leave until thoroughly dry.


With a fine paintbrush, draw small dots or small lines  Again, start with one half of the stick, leave to dry ‘fresh paint up’ in the glass then paint the second half  Leave until thoroughly dry

Your mobile is finished

Your mobile is finished