Turn your eggs into little Easter bunnies with Acrylcolor

Have fun creating different bunnies for Easter with this tutorial. It could not be easier: a few eggs, good material and above all, a great deal of creativity. This activity will content the youngest and the oldest artists.

Follow the step-by-step (Corinne Paulet file).

Material for 6 bunnies :

  • 6 different colours of Acryl' Color paint
  • 3 acrylic Skrib markers: red, white and black
  • 6 plastic eggs
  • 12 small plastic googly eyes
  • 6 wooden paddle picks - instant superglue
  • 1 thick sheet of paper
  • 1 brush, 1 pencil, a pair of scissors
Easter bunnies

Easter bunnies



Egg painting

Place each egg on the end of a wooden paddle pick pike and paint one egg in each colour. Leave it to dry in a glass or cup, before applying a second coat.

Making the ears

On the thick sheet of paper, paint 1 square in each colour (2 coats) and leave it until it is fully dry. Draw 2 ears in each coloured square, cut out the ears, and using the white Skrib marker draw the inside of each ear.

Gluing the ears

Stick the 2 ears on the top of egg that is the same colour as the ears.

Drawing the nose

Use the red Skrib marker to draw a heart-shaped nose.

Gluing the eyes

Glue the 2 eyes with the instant superglue

Drawing the whiskers and mouth

With the black Skrib marker (fine tip) draw 3 whiskers on each side (starting from the red heart) and a mouth (a big smile!).

The 6 finished eggs

The 6 finished eggs