“What if you use finger paints to create a surprise for Santa?”

Have you written and sent your letter to Santa yet? He will certainly bring lots of gifts for you on Christmas day. Why don’t you leave him a special handmade gift to thank him for his generosity?  What about a beautiful drawing using finger paints?  You could put it under the Christmas tree with some cookies and milk and carrots for his reindeer. Get started, don’t wait! He will surely remember it next Christmas!

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Materials :

  • 1 x 80ml Tactilcolor tube: Yellow
  • 1 x 80ml Tactilcolor tube : Red
  • 1 x 80ml Tactilcolor tube : Green
  • 1 x colored sheet of Canson paper
painting with fingers with tactilcolor from pebeo
colours and tools

Completion time: 30 minutes  Drying time: 30 minutes Cleaning tools : soapy water

step one

Step 1 : Protect the  painting surface  and wear an apron. Pour the three colors onto a paper plate. Fold the paper in two, on the left side of the card draw the outline of a tree in green with your fingers. Then with cleandry fingers draw the star and the trunk in red.

step two

Step 2: On the right side of the card,  finger paint some gifts wrapped with ribbons and  name tags.