Decorate your table with Pébéo colours

Decorate small pebbles in the colours of your memories. Paint different patterns using our Deco paint range. A quick and easy way to create decorative objects. A quick and easy way to enhance your party tables.

Difficulty level: *
Completion time: 15min
Drying time: 1h


  • Pebbles
  • 1 fade out marker (ref DPA8053)
  • 1 flat paint brush (ref 951170)
  • Stirrers
  • deco: Glossy green (ref 092137), Glossy white (ref 0902001), Pearl copper (ref 285116)
Decorative pebble

Decorative pebble 


With the fade out marker, delimit paintings areas


Mix the coulours with stirrers, then separately mix some white and some green to get a light green. Apply the light green, dark green and copper on the pebble with the flat paint brush. Leave to dry for about 30min.


Once the paint is dry, draw the desired pattern with the fade out marker, as here a snowflake.


Use the stirrer as a stamp to apply the white deco colour, following the drawn pattern.


Tip: start by applying light colours, so that you can mask the lines with a darker colour in case of smudging or overflow.