An easy activity for discovering animals while having fun.

Do your windows lack colour? With Pébéo Arti'stick paints, there's no longer any need for a brush; apply it directly using the tube. Make pretty foxes to stick to your windows to lend your decoration an even greater "animal" effect.
Little tip: apply the silver cerne to draw the outlines of the shapes and fill them with colour directly from the tube.

Activity time: *
Easy and fun: *


  • Arti’stick : black, red, silver cerne, gold glitter
  • 1 plastic sheet (binder type wallet)
  • 1 fox sheet print-out

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Apply the colours directly onto a plastic sheet and allow to dry for 24 hours. The dried colour forms a sticker which can be repositioned. Clean with soapy water before the colours dry.



Arti’stick allows you to create stickers which you can use to decorate most surfaces, windows, mirrors, refrigerator doors and car windows. The stickers can be repositioned.

To be done under the supervision of an adult