What I want, when I want it!

Pastels, charcoal, felt-tips - what's the best medium for your children to draw from their young imaginations? Why not all three together? It just depends on what they want to do, felt-tips for detailed drawing, pastels for shading, charcoals for drawing on a rainy day. Pebeo has designed a range of tools to allow your kids to follow their whims and to draw as they feel, as well as experiment with effects. This is a range designed to encourage them to discover the joy of drawing in all its forms.

pastels for childrens

Boxes of 12 or 24 oil pastels.

charcoals for childrens

Set of 5 charcoals.

skrib markers

Plastic set of 12 broad tip markers.

Pebeo’s Fixative

Of a satin finish, Pebeo’s Fixative is applied without repeats to avoid soaking the coats. Its colourless acrylic base is non-yellowing.


Skrib Markers

Children 3 years and under must have adult supervision

ARA oil pastels

  • Pastels: Soft and highly resistant
  • Children 3 years and under must have adult supervision

Fixative for pastel, pencil and charcoal

  • Acrylic varnish: Non-yellowing, transparent and satin
  • Cleaning: Petroleum oil
  • Drying: Away from dust, about 2 to 3 hours depending on the thickness and the temperature
  • For adults

Skrib Markers

The Skrib markers can be used to draw on paper and canvas board.

ARA oil pastels

ARA oil pastels are used directly on paper or canvas. To dim the colour, the child can use blotting paper.

Fixative for pastel, pencil and charcoal

The fixative for pastels, pencils and charcoals is designed for dry techniques. Adults will be able to protect children's drawings without changing the hue for the sustainable conservation of works.