Kids play!


The difficult and precise art of stained glass used to be reserved for only experts, but today this art is accessible to children. With Pebeo's Waterbased Vitrail,  your children can transform blank sheets of glass into masterpieces, thanks to these brilliant translucent colours. It's child's play!


Assortiment 10 flacons

Assortiment 10 flacons 45 ml.

Assortiment cerne relief

Assortiment cerne relief 6 tube 20 ml.

Pack 20 feuilles

Pack 20 defeuilles acetate 250 * 320 mm.

pochette 10 feuilles

Aluminum: pochettes de 10 feuilles 370 * 245 ml.

aluminum pochette

Aluminum : pochette de 10 feuilles 220 * 163 mm.

aluminum or

Aluminum/or : pochette de 10 feuilles 220 * 163 mm.

  • Colours: bright, glossy and transparent colours that can be mixed together and are very firm
  • Base: Water
  • Thinner: Water, but this can result in a loss of firmness and adhesion
  • Cleaning the brushes: With soapy water before drying
  • For children of 3 years of age and older, under the supervision of an adult.
  • CE marking attesting to the compliance with the requirements of the European Directive on the safety of toys

Water-based vitrail is applied using a soft brush with a good retention capacity (brushes present in the Pébéo Children range) on glass, plastic, metal and also on wood for glazed effects.

They adhere perfectly to most surfaces and resist a gentle wash with a damp cloth.

Cerne Relief:

Cerne Relief comes in different colours and allows an adult to delineate a pattern to be painted by a child using water-based vitrail on glass, plastic, metal or wood. To increase the thickness of the line drawn using the Cerne, the end of the nozzle can be cut using a pair of scissors. If the product clogs the nozzle, it can be cleared using a paper clip. The drying time may vary depending on the medium used and the quantity deposited, but it is estimated at 1 hour.