Windows relive

Father Christmas is at the door in his red and white coat, to make sure he got the right address your decorated the windows with Arti'Stick.
Arti'Stick colours set side by side form a strong flexible film that can be repositioned when and how you like, but why wait for Christmas Eve?
Easter, the birth of a new baby, birthdays, can all be the time to liven up your windows!



vibrant, semi-transparent, water based colours that may be mixed together, they form a strong, lightfast film once dry.




may be applied and repositioned on most slick, non-porous surfaces..  


24  hours after application.


store tubes vertically, keep out of freezing temperatures. 


Contains a bitter  flavor to prevent ingestion. Safety caps. Not suitable for children under 36 months.


Arti'stick comes in 19 brilliant colours including 3 glitter and a glow-in-the-dark. These bright, vivid colours are complimented by three outliner colours.  All of the colours are applied  through a nozzle directly from the  tube, onto most slick, non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, ceramic ... The application, requires no water or brush, it is surprisingly simple.  Depending on the pressure applied, the nozzle of the  plastic tube can easily create lines or allow for "filling in" larger, solid areas. The colours  from Arti'stick may be mixed together and applied either before or after the outlines have been applied. However, it is easier to apply the outlines first to  create the outline of the pattern.

The Arti'stick colours are pastel and opaque  when wet.  Once dry, the colours become bright and transparent. After 24 hours of drying, the pattern  may be peeled off.  It can be removed  and may be "stuck" onto a multitude of slick, smooth surfaces including: windows, tiles, mirror,  notebook covers ... It can also decorate porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard or wood, but it will be permanent on these surfaces! Once the film is dry, it lends itself remarkably to  being cut into shapes and may be used to create puzzles and colourful mosaics. For previously cut pieces, an outline may be drawn around it to attach it to another or to use as mosaic pieces.