Kids play!

The difficult and precise art of stained glass used to be reserved for only experts, but today this art is accessible to children. With Pebeo's Waterbased Vitrail,  your children can transform blank sheets of glass into masterpieces, thanks to these brilliant translucent colours. It's child's play!

Waterbased Vitrail in 110 ml

Waterbased Vitrail in 110 ml jars is available in 12 colours.

Waterbased Vitrail assortment

Waterbased Vitrail is also available in a 10 jars 45 ml assortment.

relief outliners waterbased Vitrail

To draw the patterns before applying the waterbased Vitrail colours, Pebeo proposes an assortment of 6 relief outliners in 20ml.

embossing metal sheets

For original creations, use embossing metal sheets.



With water, not recommended.

Number of colours and packaging:

12 colours (Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Turquoise, Prairie Green, Forest Green, Brown, White, Black) packaged in 110ml bottles.

Viscosity of the paste:








All conventional surfaces: glass, plastic, metal, wood (varnished effects).


The waterbased Vitrail colours can be mixed together and are brilliant. They adhere to all types of surfaces and may be applied with a soft brush that has good holding capacity (Pony, Pure squirrel).It is possible to dilute the waterbased Vitrail colours,  however this is not recommended, as the paint may loose some of its solidity and adhesive qualities. Once finished, clean tools with soapy water.