The magic of the butterfly effect

Blue + red = purple
yellow + blue = green
yellow + red = orange. A feature of poster paints is that they can be mixed, and your kids know it! Now surprise them by giving them Prima Magic.
This paint is formulated so that the colours do not mix, and will astonish them with the unexpected beauty of the effects when they attempt to mix them!


Prima magic 150 ml - Color gold.


Prima magic 150 ml - Color silver


Prima magic 500 ml - red.


Prima magic 150 ml - Color green.

Prima Magic
  • Colours: Bright, luminous and glossy, the colours do not mix into each other when they are applied together, lending different magical effects!
  • Base: Water
  • Thinner: Water, but this results in a loss of gloss, or Magic Glue Medium
  • Cleaning the tools: Soapy water
  • For children of 3 years of age and older, under the supervision of an adult.
  • CE marking attesting to the compliance with the requirements of the European Directive on the safety of toys
  • Protection of works: For best conservation, Pébéo water-based gouache varnish can be applied - after the colours are fully dry - using a brush without repeatedly going over with the product to avoid the soaking the layers of gouache. Pébéo gouache spray paint can also be applied (used by an adult) to obtain a finer protection film.

They are especially formulated to prevent the different colours from mixing into each other when applied together, or superimposed.

Prima Magic is a vinyl gouache that can be applied on paper, cardboard, Bristol board, plastic, etc. using brushes, stamps and foam rollers from the Pébéo Children range. It should be shaken before use to homogenize well.

It is perfect for:

  • the folding technique,
  • the balloon technique (dipping the balloon in various colours before stamping the surface),
  • and, the star technique (overlapping different colours on the surface and spreading the non-mix colours using a stick to form a star).

It can also be used as a classic gouache.

Prima Magic gouache can be easily cleaned off skin using soap and water. Washing with water enables the removal of all of the binder (dextrins: sugar polymers), which is soluble in water. However, the pigments present in the gouache may have varying affinities according to the surfaces (textile fibres, etc.). These colourants can then bind to the fabric almost permanently.

In the case of stains on textiles, immediately wash the surface in hot water with soap. Repeat the operation if necessary until the stain has completely disappeared. For tougher stains, using bleach-based or active oxygen-based textile stain removers can be successful as long as their use is compatible with the garment in question. It is also recommended to use protective aprons for works with children. Keep away from wallpaper, painted walls, untreated wood, etc. and other materials that cannot be washed.

Magic Glue Medium:

It can be used in two different ways:

  • as a glue:

It can glue most materials such as paper, papier mache, cardboard and wood, and is perfect for the napkin technique.

The drying time varies depending on how thickly the paint is applied, the ambient temperature and humidity. It creates a flexible, glossy and transparent film.

  • as a medium:

In small quantities, it can be mixed with all proportions of Prima Magic colours to dilute the colour without affecting its adhesive properties.

In large quantities (from 50%+ Magic Glue and 50% Prima Magic), it creates a glossy, Arti'stick-type water-resistant translucent product, that is easy to unstick and can be used on most smooth surfaces after drying for 24 hours (see Arti'stick product sheet).