Teachers favorite!


"Mame, can we do some painting"? How often have you heard that when they are given some free time in class? Of course you don't want to disappoint them, but is there enough paint for everyone? To save you from ever having to say "no", Pebeo has come up with Solugouache, a concentrated liquid poster paint that takes up only half the space of normal paint.It's environmentally friendly too, since its reduced packaging means less plastic and less room taken up in transport.


Solugouache is available in 9 colours in 1 litre jars.



Gouache concentrated liquid. Bright colours are mixable with strong covering power. No odour.



Brush cleaning:

with soapy water.


paper, cardboard, Bristol board, plastic ...


Particularly concentrated, it saves valuable space. Solugouache is a remarkably opaque and bright gouache.
To prepare the colours, add one part water to one part Solugouache.
The dilution may need to be higher for watercolor effects.
It dries without flour and may be applied to heavyweight paper, cardboard, wood, salt dough.
It can be cleaned with soap and water.