100% Natural and Organic Modelling Clay

Pébéo joins forces with Arteko and proposes the 1st modelling clay respecting the health of children made from 100% natural ingredients or organic agriculture.
Let the children follow their imagination with this soft, smooth paste, that does not crumble and is not sticky, and develop their sense for first movements: pinching, rolling, carving, kneading...
For even more fun, this game can be enriched with accessories made of 100% vegetable-based bioplastics (derived from sugar cane by-products from non-GM crops).
The modelling clay is made in the south of France.


Adventure colour set - 4 pots 100 gr.


Pink colour set - 4 pots 100 gr


Fields colour set - 4 units 90 gr


Pink colour set - 4 units 100 gr


Shore colour set - 4 units 90 gr


Textured paste set - 4 pots 100 gr


Fields colour set - 4 units 90 gr


100 gr pot - turquoise


100 g pot- sand


100 gr pot - white


Display of 18 assorted 100 gram-pots + 20 bioplastic accessory sachets to play with.


Display of 45 assorted 100 gram-pots + 20 bioplastic accessory sachets to play with

  • Raw materials: 100% natural, originating from organic agriculture, gluten-free, additivefree, from non-GMO crops and untreated certified salt.
  • Plant and food colouring-based coloursPaste: very soft, flexible, non-sticky, that does not crumble
  • Odour: mild and light
  • Preserve in its pot, tightly closed, protected from light (since food-colouring is more sensitive to light than synthetic dyes), and preferably in the refrigerator once open.
  • It is advisable to use the paste within the 12 months after opening.
  • For children 2 years of age and older, under the supervision of an adult.
  • Remove the packaging and remove all the small security features of the pots before offering them to the child.
  • CE marking attesting to the compliance with the requirements of the European Directive on the safety of toys
  • Packaging: Imprim'Vert, the environmentally-friendly printing brand

Pébéo modelling paste encourages bare-hand exploration and play, freeing our expression and stimulating the senses.
Enables the child to develop their first movements, such as: pinching, pulling, rolling, peeling, stacking, flattening, binding, lifting, smoothing, touching, tapping, kneading, opening, digging, shaping, twisting, ... so from 3 years of age, their experience can be enhanced by using different accessories: textured plates (made from bioplastics), carving tools, ....
It is advisable to wash your hands before and after use.
If the paste is a little dry, wrap it in a damp cloth to enable it to retain its flexibility. The paste can be composted in home compost.


To remove paste residue or stains caused by the modelling paste, let it dry and then use a clothing brush to scrub it or a vacuum. If that is not enough, wash your clothes or fabrics in cold water with neutral soap.