PEBEO drew inspiration from nature, plants and age-old know-how to formulate its plant and mineral-based pigment inks


The water based acrylic paint meets the toy standard and allows children from 5 years of age to express their creativity with its new formula which is brighter and more covering.

skrib acrylique

This new SKRIB acrylic paint marker is water based and with a high covering power, it offers the possibility to paint on a multitude of surfaces: cardboard, wood, shells, pebbles, cork, paper, feather, terracotta, fabrics, even shrink film 

skrib gouache

This gouache paint marker is water based and will give free rein to the imaginations of young artists from 3 years onwards.  Enter the magical world of colours and its different techniques: colouring, mixing colours, watercolour effect, stamp technique, snake technique etc... 

pâte à modeler

This unique dough is for every imagination to use and create, the ingredients are 100% natural from organic sources. It is made in France, is gluten and GMO free. Safe for children from 2 years old.

pâte à craie

A Pebeo exclusive, natural modeling clay to make and create your own sidewalk chalks. 


The Drawing-gum marker is simple to use, ideal for writing, drawing precise shapes and covering sections of work where needed. Very practical and easy to use it is perfectly adapted for use by children.

New products

New activities for your children? Pébéo offers you simple activities, show them how to create by having fun: recreational-educational sets, modelling clay, Sidewalk Chalk dough, and gouache-based or acrylic-based markers. Pébéo offers simple activities with a guaranteed result. So, in addition to the fun they have doing these works, you will see the pride they gain from their creations.