Children laughing out loud!

Children love sparkly things, a princess's jewels, a pirate's treasure - just one spark and they're off! There's no limit to the sparkle they can add to drawings, wooden objects or salt dough sculptures with Brillo gouache. 

Their creations will shine radiantly, just like your child's smile!


Brillo glossy poster paint is available in 19 colours. It is also proposed in 150 ml and 500 ml jars and in a 10 jar assortment.



bright, vivid and intense, blendable with strong covering power. No odor.


water. Brillo is a brilliant ready-to-use gouache. Mixing with water will result in a lose of the shine.

Brush cleaning:

with soapy water


paper, cardboard, Bristol board, plastic ...


Brillo is a ready-to-use gouache.

The colours are opaque and have the distinction of having exceptional brightness once dry (lacquer effect).
This gouache is used undiluted and may be applied to heavyweight paper, cardboard, wood or salt dough. It can be cleaned with soap and water.