The magic of Glitter paint and gel

In the world of princesses, glitter is what adds the fairytale touch, Pebeo's Glitter paint and gel turns your kids' brushes into magic wands, rediscover this colourful sparkling world through the eyes of a child!

Glitter paint and gel

Glitter paint and gel

Glitter Gel in 80 ml tubes

Ready to Use Glitter Gel is 4 coloured gels in 80 ml tubes...

Glitter gel in 250 ml

Ready to Use Glitter gel is also 7 coloured gels and 4 transparent gels in 250 ml jars...

Gel pailleté


Glitter Gel gouache ready-to-use.


water not recommended

Brush cleaning:

with soapy water


paper, cardboard, Bristol board, plastic …


Results in brilliant, transparent gel, flecked with glitter that amazes the kids!