The magic of the butterfly effect

Blue + red = purple
yellow + blue = green
yellow + red = orange. A feature of poster paints is that they can be mixed, and your kids know it! Now surprise them by giving them Prima Magic.
This paint is formulated so that the colours do not mix, and will astonish them with the unexpected beauty of the effects when they attempt to mix them!

Prima Magic 500 ml

Prima Magic is available in 19 colours in 150 ml and 500 ml jars.

Prima Magic assortment

Prima Magic is also available in a 10 colour 500 ml assortment.

Prima Magic


 vivid and bright colours do not diffuse into one another as they are mixed,  to allow different magical effects.  



Brush cleaning:

Soapy water


paper, cardboard, Bristol board, plastic ...


Magical Gouache-effects!
Prima Magic is a brilliant gouache with multiple applications. It can be used as a traditional gouache, alone or mixed with water. Diluting with water will lessen its shine. Colours do not show up instantly when they are mixed, this will allow children to create beautiful effects including a "sun" or "spider". 
Prima Magic is perfectly suited for the  folding technique,  the children will love making butterflies!