Pebbles almost real with Gedeo


Casting with Gédéo moulds

Sun mould

Sun mould from Gédéo


Gédéo moulds

bougies abeilles

Gédéo candles

Moules rosaces

Gédéo moulds

résine verte

Crystal resin with leaves mould

The pleasure of working the material

Touching, sculpting the curves, shaping the contours... Do you have the genius of Camille Claudel or the passion of Demi Moore (Ghost) to make creative as well as personal objects with your fingers? And if you're not feeling creative, you can make some great things with moulding.
In addition to moulding and modelling, the Pebeo Gédéo range offers unique products so you can create your own candles. Dyes, types of waxes, fragrances, moulds: all the accessories are available so that your candles fit perfectly into your decor. 
With Gédéo resins, creating objects has never been easier than it is with the colour resin, pearl resin or crystal resin. Very easy to use, they will appeal to the experienced as well as beginners.