Flexibilty on its own

The Cobra brush is a must for creative leisure art work, combining  fine technical qualities with ease of use, whether round, flat, fan-shaped or filbert, these brushes provide all you need for decoration.
Cobra brushes reproduce the  features of mongoose hair but are made of synthetic fibers, their ample heads hold the paint well, making fine decorative work all the easier.



  • Synthetic bristle made of polyamide fiber (synthetic mongoose)
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Short handle, rosewood lacquered
  • Shapes: round, flat, filbert, fan, liner, angular and dagger stripper.


  • Quality: springy, hard wearing, easy to clean, good colour retention
  • Use: with thinned paints, decorative work.

A newly developed fiber technology gives these brushes a good colour retention and greater elasticity.