Pass, pass, gone…

Pass on your enthusiasm and share your passion for creative leisure activities with others . . .  why not buy your friends or children a gift set? They may also become adept at creative work on glass, fabrics, walls, or, if you're not already hooked . . . buying one of these sets may give you the taste for a new hobby.

coffret cadeau Setasilk

Coffret Cadeau Setasilk : 7 flacons 20 ml assortis, 1 médium éclaircissant, 1 gutta à l'eau nacrée Or, 1 pinceau, 1 support en soie à décorer, 1 notice.

Setacolor Gift SEt

Setacolor Gift Set: 1 Gold in 20 ml bottle, 7 colours in 20 ml bottle, 1 Gold Metal Touch Textile in 30 ml tube, 1 #8 brush, 1 cotton bag to decorate, an idea leaflet.

Vitrail Gift Set

Vitrail Gift Set:  Silver Cerne Relief Outliner in a 20 ml tube, 8  colours in 20 ml bottles, 1 #8 brush , a mini palette, a glass jar to decorate, an idea leaflet.

Porcelaine 150 Gift Set

Porcelaine 150 Gift Set: 1 bottle of Chalkboard  paint  in 20 ml,  7 colours in 20 ml bottles, 1 Cloisonne  Outliner in a 20 ml tube,  # 8 brush, a mini pallete,  a mug to decorate, an idea leaflet.


Easily enter the world of Pébéo creation using these gift sets. A practical and playful -complete kit.  Includes everything you need to find your creative hobbies: 8 assorted ready-to-use colours, an object to be decorated, and an instructional project sheet of four ideas. And in each case, a selection of innovative, fun colours to discover or personalize your creations.