Colourful Appetiser Plate

Difficulty level :*
Completion time :10 min.
Drying time : 24h

1 White appetiser plate
1 Plastic plate
1 Spalter brush nº 40 (ref 950551)
Stir sticks
Ming blue (ref 024017)
Shimmer silver (ref 024110)
Marseilles yellow (ref 024002)
Shimmer green (ref 024101)



Step 1

Stir the P150 colours with the stir sticks. Pour each colour directly from the bottle into the plastic plate, making parallel lines.

Step 2

Using the spalter brush, take a bit of colour from the plastic plate.

Step 3

Apply the colours to the appetiser plate. Repeat the operation as often as desired.

Step 4

Allow to dry about 24 hours and bake in the oven at 150 °C (300 °F) for 35 minutes.


Test your colours on a sheet of paper before applying them to the piece, to see if you like the result.