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Gédéo Resins and Plasters

Bottoms of platters, inclusions, glazing, scrapbooking, collage, jewelry, "magnifying glass" effect on canvas, furniture decoration, tableware, cards, box lids or simply "poured" to create abstract art... Pebeo puts at your disposal its range of Gédéo Resins to multiply the possibilities of casting in order to meet all of your expectations! With their two-component epoxy resin system, Gédéo Resins are easy to use: two parts resin to one part of hardener. Try Crystal Resin, Colour Resins, Pearl Resins or Glazing Resin... you will be delighted!

The range of Pébéo Plasters, Precision or Hard, Light, Glueing or Restoration, was designed to suit the requirements of all types of artists.

You can also opt for Reconstituted Stone.

Pébéo & Gédéo offer a modernized range of new resins to give shape to your ideas!

See also

  • decorated platters with Crystal resin

    Decoration on platter with Crystal Resin

  • Gédéo's new range of resins

    Gédéo's new range of resins

  • 150ml - 300ml - 750ml

    Crystal resin new packagings

  • Crystal resin

    Crystal resin

  • 150ml - Glaze resin 150ml

    Glaze resin 150ml

  • Post cards glazed with the new resin

    Post cards glazed with the new resin

  • 150ml white pearl

    Pearl resin - 150 ml - White pearl

  • Pearl resin - white pearl casting

    Pearl resin - 150ml - white pearl casting

  • Pearl resin - 150ml - gold

    Pearl resin - 150ml - gold

  • Pearl resin - 150ml - gold

    Gold pearl resin casting

  • Pearl resin- 150ml - Vermeil

    Pearl resin - 150ml - Vermeil

  • Pearl resin - 150ml - Vermeil

    Pearl resin vermeil casting

  • Colour resin - 150ml - Topaze

    Colour resin - 150ml - Topaze

  • Topaze casting

    Topaze colour

  • Colour resin- 150ml - Amber

    Colour resin - 150ml - Amber

  • Amber colour

    Amber colour

  • Colour resin - 150ml - Rubis

    Colour resin - 150ml - Rubis

  • rubis casting

    Rubis colour

  • Resin colour - Lazuli - 150ml

    Colour resin - 150ml - Lazuli  

  • lazuli colour

    Lazuli colour

  • Colour resin -  150ml - Jade

    Colour resin - Jade - 150ml

  • Jade resin colour casting

    Jade colour

  • Discovery set - assorted resins

    Discovery set - assorted resins: 3 colour resin 20ml bottles, 1 crystal resin 40ml bottle, 1hardener 50ml bottle, one pair of gloves, 2 droppers, 3 measuing cups and 2 stir sticks

  • Resin application kit

    Resin application kit: 2 pairs of soft gloves, 4 stir sticks, 5 droppers, 6 measuring cups and 1 protective mask



  • Resin Plaster

    Resin Plaster is a top quality alpha plaster. It is especially recommended to mould objects requiring fineness, strength and whiteness.

  • Hard Plaster

    Precision Plaster or Hard Plaster is an alpha plaster for artistic casts. It offers accuracy and strength of exceptional quality. Its coarser grain and porosity make it easy to paint.

  • Light Plaster

    Light Plaster is a low density plaster recommended for casting hanging decorations.

  • restoration Plaster

    Gluing or restoration Plaster is a technical plaster. Thick and very sticky. Doesn’t run and adheres to most surfaces. Used together with Siligum, it is ideal when restoring frames and mouldings.

  • collier

    A resin necklace