Gédéo moulds

Gédéo moulds: original and exclusive Pébéo models. All the qualities of professional moulds: unbreakable, self-releasing, multi-cavity, ultra-flexible. The quality of the platinum silicone used in their composition allows obtaining precise and detailed results.

Use the Gédéo casting resin of your choice and obtain a finished piece with a sleek and glossy aspect. Gédéo crystal or colour resins render incomparable transparency.

Gédéo moulds are available in two different sizes in themes that will please you for both your decorative ideas and creative projects. For easy and successful creations, you will adore using Gédéo moulds for creating objects of all shapes and forms!

Gédéo crystal resin and lazuli colour resin

Gédéo crystal resin and lazuli colour resin creations made with the Gédéo moulds: Frames, transportation, and Garden.

Gédéo moulds Alphabet Numbers Special characters

Gédéo mouldsAlphabet - Numbers - Special characters20 x 30 cmAverage mould capacity: 100ml

Gédéo moulds Mommy and Daddy

Gédéo moulds: Mommy and DaddyAverage mould capacity: 70ml13 x 18,5 cmExamples of creations with Gédéo colour resins.

Plaster creations with Gédéo moulds

Plaster creations with Gédéo moulds

Gédéo colour resins casted in Gédéo moulds

Gédéo colour resins casted in Gédéo moulds

The Memories box set A charming little hand

The Memories box set "A charming little hand" allows creating objects that will remind you of the most precious moments.

Gédéo plaster creation made with the Alphabet mould

Gédéo plaster creation made with the "Alphabet – Numbers – Special Characters" mould 

Gédéo crystal resin creation Delicacies mould

Gédéo crystal resin creation made with the "Delicacies" mould



  • 100% Silicone
  • Unbreakable
  • Flexible
  • Self-releasing
  • Multi-cavity
  • Equipped with handles at both extremities to facilitate handling
  • Drainage channels
  • Exclusive Gédéo models
  • Easy to clean in dishwasher or by hand
  • Transparent creations with Crystal and Colour resins. Shiny and sleek surface!
  • Two sizes: 13 x 18.5 cm and 20 x 30 cm (5.118 x 7.825 in. and 7.875 x 11.811 in.)
  • Resistant to temperatures between +230°C and -60°C (+446°F and -76°F)



Keep Gédéo moulds away from flames.

Do not place on baking sheets.

The use of a knife will damage the material.



The average casting capacity is indicated on the package.


 Average casting capacity

 20 x 30 cm


Little Boy Toys - Transportation

210ml (7.1oz) 

Little Girl Toys - Princess

210ml (7.1oz)

Alphabet – Numbers – Special Characters  

100ml (3.4oz)

Christmas (Can be hung on Christmas tree)

210ml (7.1oz)


300ml (10.2oz)


210ml (7.1oz)

Jewellery & Pendants    

80ml (2.7oz)



13 x 18,5 cm



70ml (2.4oz)

Wild animals  

70ml (2.4oz)

Mommy and Daddy  

70ml (2.4oz)


70ml (2.4oz)


20ml (0.7oz)


70ml (2.4oz)



For easy and successful creations, first choose your decorative idea, the Gédéo casting material and finally the method of attachment.

  1. Choose a shape (size and thickness) according to the decorative idea
  2. Set up in a dry, well ventilated, and at room temperature area, on a levelled and horizontal work surface.
  3. Evaluate the total quantity of product to cast: measure the required volume by filling the chosen shape with water and then pour into a graded cup.  
  4. Prepare the chosen product following the instructions booklet.
  5. Pour the product into a clean and dry mould.
  6. Allow to cure following the time indicated in the instructions booklet of the chosen product (curing is progressive and varies depending on the ambient temperature).  
  7. Release.


- Addition of attachment devices for casting Precision Plaster, Resin-Plaster and Light Plaster: as soon as the plaster is very viscous (about 10 minutes), press in the attachment by applying a rapid movement from left to right, hold a few seconds and release. The attachment must hold without moving, allow to harden.

- Addition of attachment devices for casting Gédéo Resins: use a hairpin or a paper clip to hang and hold the attachment device in the liquid resin.

- Maintenance of your Gédéo mould: Wash with lukewarm water without detergents or in dishwasher. 

- To create double-sided decorations: Glue two symmetrical patterns, or place the hardened pattern over the filled mould. Allow to harden. Release and remove the excess of product if necessary.