Gold in all its splendor

With the Gédéo Gilding and Patinas, enhance your creations with a precious touch.Waxes and liquids to gild, gold leaf, and patinas for the most nuanced of sparkles. The mixture and mirror effect sheets will confer a brilliant, modern finish to your creations.Our novelty of the year: the mirror effect kit is ideal to write, decorate and customise with a mirror effect. This kit, containing a glue marker for mirror effect sheet and 2 mirror effect sheets (1 gold and 1 silver), is perfect for journaling art, party decor or customising various media.


Mirror Effect Kit


Mirror effect kit (1 glue marker + 2 mirror effect sheets: gold and silver)


Creations with the mirror effect kit 


Liquid mixture to glue mirror effect sheets, gilding sheets and flakes.


Relief mixture to paste gilding leaves, mirror effect leaves and flakes.


Mirror effect sheets, pack of 12 gold-coloured sheets 


Mirror effect sheets, set of 7 assorted sheets 


Gilding sheets, pack of 25 gold-coloured sheets


Gilding wax - Empire gold 


Range of gilding waxes


Patina to age 


Gilding waxes

5 colours in 30ml jar, made of very fine metal particles, coated with a binder of wax and acrylic resin.  The combination of the patina bases and gilding waxes creates a rich range of classical or contemporary patinas.  Suitable for all types of surfaces: wood, plaster, cardboard, glass, metal, etc.

Gilding Liquids

Metal powder suspended in a transparent varnish.  Fine and precious, brushed on gilding gives a refined touch to your decorative objects.

Patina bases

The bases are used as undercoat in combination with the gilding waxes.  They block the pores, isolate the surface and improve the adherence of the gild.  By polishing the wax, you can create patinas.

Gilding Leaves

Gédéo gilding leaves are made of copper or aluminum for a gold or silver finish.  They are easily applied using a glue called gilding paste.

Gilding Paste

Ready-to-use preparation to glue on the gilding leaves. Suitable for use on, all clean and dry surfaces.

Verdigris Patina System

With the Verdigris Patina system it is very easy to reproduce the beautiful bronze or copper oxidation effects. This system consists of a bronze undercoat and a verdigris oxidant.  It is suitable on all types of surfaces.

Gilding Wax and Liquid Thinner

It is suitable for thinning the gilding waxes and making them more creamy. It is also used to clean the waxes and liquids from the tools.

Finish Varnish Gloss/Matte

The matte and gloss varnishes are based with a very resistant and transparent acrylic resin. They protect the decorations while preserving the brightness and intensity of the colours.

Ageing Patina

Especially recommended to provide a finish to gilding leaves, ageing patina can reproduce the warm tone and deep patina effect produced through time.

Verdigris Patina Fixative

Solvent-based varnish,  protects and fixes the verdigris patina.


Gilding Leaves

Recommended especially for finishing.  Apply Gédéo’s gilding paste using a brush on the clean and dry object  (wood, plaster, glass, metal, cardboard ...). Let stand for 15 minutes.Then put the gilding leaf on the object and brush it gently with a very soft brush.  According to the shape of the surface, work with the leaf pieces.Then polish with a cotton cloth. If spots are left on the object, repeat the process over. Protect the work of the oxidation with a varnish. Apply by brushing on, the aging patina on the gilded object. Immediately wipe off the reliefs to show the brilliance of the gilding leaves, the aging patina can reproduce the warm tone and deep patina effect of time.

Verdigris Patina System

After shaking the bottle, apply the Bronze Undercoat on the surface of your choice: plaster, clay, wood, metal, glass, cardboard... 

After complete drying, apply a layer of oxidant, without excess. The Verdigris Patina appears gradually after 10 minutes and runs for several hours. 

To retain the effect, sprayGédéo fixative after drying.