The new generation of resin for your Kitchen!

Home deco revisited with the new Gédéo glaze resin ; a few steps to follow for a glazed result !

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Material :
• 1 Pébéo 3D linen stretcher 40cmx40cm
• 3 cotton canvas boards 10cmx10cm
• 1 tube 100ml Studio Acrylics n°17 Phthalocyanine  blue or 1 tube of "cream of colour" n°32
• 1 box of Gédéo Glaze Resin
• 1 flat brush 
• 1 carded image
• 8 flat supports for the casting of the resin 
• Recipients for pouring the resin

Resin for your kitchen !

New Gédéo glaze resin

home deco with Gédéo glaze resin

Completion time: 1 hour 30 minutes  Drying time: 24 hours Cleaning of tools : soapy water

step 1

Step 1: Paint on each canvas board a utensil using a brush and Studio Acrylics n°17 as shown the picture.

preparation of the resine

Step 2a : Preparation for the casting of the resin, choose a carded image (size 19cm x 29cm), protect the surface.


step 2b : place the supports on a leveled surface and deposit the photo.

pouring the resin

Step 3 : Follow the instructions placed in the Gédéo glaze resin box, do not forget to put on the gloves. In regards to the casting, it is best to start pouring the product around the sides of the image and then fill the inside with the rest of resin. Repeat the operation on one of the canvas boards. Allow to dry in a dust-free environment for 24 hours.


Step 4 : Once the image and the canvas board are dry, proceed to the collage of the creations on a 40x40cm sized stretcher.