Whimsically write N O E L in gold

"N O Ë L, I write your name!". P. BO Deco Home gives you the ABC to paint beautiful festive lettering! Of course, this technique can also be used all year to other uses such as to affix the name of your children on their bedroom door (to be realized with them!...)

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Material :

  • P.BO Deco kit 5x45ml (Gold, Silver, White, Bright Red, Dark Green).
  • Gold flakes (Gold)
  • Gilding paste
  • Flat brush
  • Wooden letters N O E L (Artemio)
colours and tools

Completion time: 1 hour 30 minutes  Drying time: 30 minutes Cleaning of tools : Soap and water

step 1

Step 1: Shade the letters towards White with the chosen colours. Begin with the darkest shade and finish with the lightest shade.

step 2

Step 2: Paint all the edges of letters with the colour Gold.

step 3

Step 3: Once the letters are dry apply gilding paste letters on various places, wait ten minutes, then add the gold flakes by pasting them using a dry brush. Using a soft cloth, polish the gold flakes to obtain a shimmer finish.


N O Ë L , I write your name !