A stream of colours

Transform dull, monotonous rooms and get rid of dreary interior decor, by bringing colour into the home.  From basement to attic, on walls and on furniture,  liven up your home decor, by allowing yourself be inspired by the galaxy of colours provided by P.BO Deco, including 50 matte, 20 gloss and 17 pearl paints, perfect to bring your home back to life!

P.BO deco

P. BO Deco is available in 50 matte colours, 20 Gloss colours and 17 Pearlescent colours that are all available in 45 ml bottles.

Studio Collection Glossy

Studio Collection Glossy: 10 assorted 45ml bottles (glossy colours), 1 paint brush n°8, 1 booklet

P.BO deco 25 x 20ml

P.BO deco 25 x 20ml: 13 glossy colours + 12 pearl colours

7 new pearl colours in 45ml bottles from P.BO deco

New : 7 pearl colours P.BO deco in 45ml bottle.

250ml bottle gold and silver P.BO deco

250ml bottle  : gold and silver

P.BO Deco Workbox

P.BO Deco is also available in a Workbox.

coffret cadeau

P.BO Deco existe également en Coffret Cadeau.

P.BO Deco

Painting with stencil using PBO deco Basic.



Opaque acrylic to water for all surfaces.

Colour mixability:

Colours can be mixed together.


Drying out of dust 30min. At heart 24 hours.


Wood, plaster, terracotta, metal, salt dough, cardboard, stone, paper …







Matt, glossy or pearl.


45 ml ≈ 0,5 m²


Caring (decorated surfaces):

Allows for a light hand washing without soaking.


Pébéo Cobra deco or Iris brushes, foam rollers and foam brushes, stencil brushes ...

Brush cleaning:

With soapy water.

Number of colours:

50 matt colours, 20 glossy colours, 17 pearl colours.


45ml bottle - all colours.
250ml bottle - gold and silver 


P.BO deco acrylics are available in 87 colours to decorate surfaces and vary their decor. Choose from 3 ranges of finishes: 50 matte, 20 gloss and 17 pearl colours. Ready to use  they can be diluted with water and can be mixed together, colours are very pleasing and are water resistant once dry. They allow you to decorate any objects of your choice, without constraints, and are suitable for all techniques. The range of Vintage or Modern auxiliaries allow you to obtain even more effects.