After winter…


Spring is here, and with the first warm rays of sunshine come a lot of new ideas and a desire to brighten up our homes. So give full rein to your instincts, and give your patio a makeover by changing  the colours of your garden furniture. Special outdoor deco paints give you a burst of bright colours for your outdoor furniture.

gold and silver deco outdoor

Two new colours added on the colour chart : gold and silver

Discovery collection P.BO deco outdoor

Discovery collection P.BO deco outdoor, 6 assorted 20ml bottles  

P.BO Deco Outdoor

P. BO Deco is also available in 16 colours designed specifically for outdoor decoration.

P.BO Deco Outdoor

A fresh garden with PBO deco outdoor paints.



Water based acrylic for all surfaces, specially designed for outdoor use.

Colour mixability:

Colours can be mixed together.


12 hours.


all surfaces, wood, plastic, metal, terracotta .... previously prepared.









45 ml ≈ 0,5 m²

Caring (decorated surfaces):

Supports light handwashing without soaking.


Pébéo Cobra deco or Iris brushes, foam rollers and foam brushes, stencil brushes ...


Brush cleaning:

With soapy water.

Number of colours:

16 colours.


45ml bottle : all colours.


In its aqueous phase, the Outdoor Deco colours provide a rich, cheerful and bright colour range, with a whole new palette of colours for outdoor decoration, on wood, metal, plastic or terracotta. The 14 water based colours offer excellent resistance to light and variations in temperature. As in many creative activities, surface preparation is essential.  For optimal results, it is necessary to first apply a suitable undercoat. 

  • On wood : sand the surface to be decorated with sandpaper, then use a damp cloth. On a clean and dry surface, decorate with the P.BO deco Outdoor colours.  
  • On terracotta : clean the surface with a damp cloth. On a clean and dry surface, apply one or two coats of Outdoor P.BO deco waterproofing depending on the porosity. Then allow  surface to dry at least 12 hours between coats before decorating with the P.BO deco Outdoor colours.
  • On plastic : sand the surface to be decorated with sandpaper, then use a damp cloth or a cloth dampened with alcohol. On the dry surface, apply a coat of plastic primer, and allow  it to dry 4 hours before decorating with colours. 
  • On metal : sand the surface with a wire brush then clean with a damp cloth. Then, on the clean and dry surface, apply 1 or 2 coats of Outdoor P.BO deco anti-corrosion primer.

It is also recommended to avoid decorating angular surfaces or areas exposed to friction.