Bring your objects to life

Decorate for an evening, a season or a lifetime. With Touch Deco you can restyle your possessions, give them substance and volume, put them in scrapbooks and express your wildest whims, while playing around with rhinestones, mother-of pearl beads and mirrors to create delightful fantasies.


Touch deco 30 ml

Touch Deco : Gloss Effect in 14 colours ; Crystal Effect in 1 colour ; 6 Metal Effect in 6 colours; Pearl Effect in 8 colours and Glitter Effect in 10 colours.

Touch Deco sets

Touch Deco sets are also available in 7 assortiments: Gloss Effect classic Christmas, Glittering, Baroque, Tonic, Gold, Silver, Set Personal Touch

Personal Touch set

Touch Deco is also available in a set of 10 colours:  "Personal Touch" Set.

Touch Deco

Touch Deco on all occasions



Dimensional colours in tubes for fabric.


Air dry for 12 hours.


Wood, metal, paper.


None, colours are ready to use.


Gloss effect: Gloss
Metal effect: Metallic
Pearl effect: Pearl
Glitter effect: Glitter
Crystal effect: Gloss


No fixing.

Caring (decorated fabric):

Use a dry cloth.

Cleaning of tools:

Soapy water.

Number of colours:

39 colours in 5 effects.


30ml tube - all colours.


Change your objects ! Touch Deco decorates and customizes all surfaces (wood, metal, paper ...). Apply with the nozzle, a brush or sponge on all surfaces.Allow to dry 12 hours. (Increase the drying time when humidity exceeds 80%). For cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth.