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Bring your objects to life

Decorate for an evening, a season or a lifetime. With Touch Deco you can restyle your possessions, give them substance and volume, put them in scrapbooks and express your wildest whims, while playing around with rhinestones, mother-of pearl beads and mirrors to create delightful fantasies.

See also

  • Touch deco 30 ml

    Touch Deco : Gloss Effect in 14 colours ; Crystal Effect in 1 colour ; 6 Metal Effect in 6 colours; Pearl Effect in 8 colours and Glitter Effect in 10 colours.

  • Touch Deco sets

    Touch Deco sets are also available in 7 assortiments: Gloss Effect classic Christmas, Glittering, Baroque, Tonic, Gold, Silver, Set Personal Touch

  • Personal Touch set

    Touch Deco is also available in a set of 10 colours:  "Personal Touch" Set.

  • Touch Deco

    Touch Deco on all occasions