Childhood nostalgia

As a child you used to dream of writing on the big classroom blackboard? Make the dream come true now with P.BO Deco Chalkboard paint, apply this slate paint on your walls, objects and furniture and have fun drawing and writing on it with chalk. The school chalkboard has come of age, since Chalkboard Paint is now available in 11 different colours. And because you have remained a child at heart, you will like Magnet, a base paint that creates magnetic surfaces.

Magnetic Colour

P.BO Deco Contemporary Magnetic Colour paint range is proposed in 250ml and 500ml metal tins.

Chalkboard Colour

Chalkboard Colour paint (250ml): Blackboard, Zinc , Turquoise, Blackcurrant, Grenadine, Violine, purple , Royalty blue, Chalkboard green, Mandarin, Imperial red, Slate grey.

Chalkboard Zinc

A child’s room and its Chalkboard created with P.BO Deco Chalkboard Zinc.


Chalkboard Paint

  • QUALITY: Acrylic colours for writing with chalk.
  • MIXABILITY: Colours can be mixed together.
  • DRYING: 4 hours
  • SURFACES: Furniture, frames and wall decor, wood, plaster, canvas, cardboard ...
  • DILUTION: Water.
  • OPACITY: Opaque
  • FINISH: Colored effect. Very matt.
  • COVERAGE: 250 ml ≈ 1 m (2 coats)
  • WASHING OF DECORATED ITEMS: Wipe clean with water.
  • APPLICATION TOOLS: Spalter brush, anti-drip painting roll.
  • CLEANING OF TOOLS: With soapy water.
  • NUMBER OF COLOURS: 3 colours.
  • PACKAGING: 250ml jar: all colours / 500 ml jar: Black.
  • Protect from freezing


  • QUALITY: Acrylic primer containing metallic particles.
  • MIXABILITY OF COLOURS: Colours can be mixed
  • together. DRYING: 4 hours.
  • SURFACES: Any smooth, new or previously painted, clean, dry wood, plaster,
  • canvas, cardboard...
  • DILUTION: Water.
  • OPACITY: Opaque
  • FINISH: Matt gray, slightly irregular (due to metal particles contained in the
  • paste). COVERAGE: 250 ml ≈ 0.75 m² (2-3 layers) / 500ml ≈ 1.50 m² (2-3
  • layers) APPLICATION TOOLS: Spalter brush, anti drip painting roll.
  • CLEANING OF TOOLS: With soapy water.
  • PACKAGING: 250ml jar / 500ml jar.
  • Protect from freezing

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard colours are ideal for children's rooms, allowing them to unleash their creativity and then simply remove it with a sponge. Stir the colour into the jar, and then apply to a clean, dry, smooth surface (wall, wood, cardboard...). Decorate and have fun in the kitchen or the living room, using colours to revel in writing on the walls... in chalk! Chalkboard paint is a water-based product for creating spaces for writing on smooth surfaces, walls, doors, etc. Apply 2 layers thick of chalkboard colour of your choice to four hours apart. Allow to dry thoroughly 72 hours before using a chalk. For porous surfaces, first apply a suitable undercoat.


Acrylic primer containing metal particles, Magnetic colours may be applied to any smooth new or previously painted surface, dry and clean. Magnetic Effect creates a metallic surface for use with magnets to display photos, drawings or simply hold reminder notes . . . Magnetic can be covered with cream of colour or any water-based mural paints. Magnetic can be used all over the house and is particularly ideal for children's rooms. Stir thoroughly to homogenize the product. Apply 2-3 thick layers, 4 hours apart. The force of attraction depends on the amount of paint applied and the quality and size of magnets used.