deco3D: turn up the volume!

With deco3D tubes, the deco range never ceases to fascinate designers and creators: a unique trend! 20 ml tubes with cannula for dimensional drawing, painting, marking, filling and decorating, etc ... on most surfaces. Deco3D is ideal for drawing points to create bead effects and continuous lines. It can be worked using a spatula.

We offer you:

  • 34 colours
  • 1 glue
  • 4 effects: gloss, metal, glitter and pearl
new deco3D

Discover the new deco3D, ideal for adding volume to your creations.

ideal deco3D

Deco3D is ideal for pearl effects



relief colours in 20 ml tubes for most surfaces.


Fully dry in 12 hours.


paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, wood, metal, terracotta, plastic, canvas, polystyrene...


4 effects and 1 glue

  • Gloss effect: 15 colours
  • Metallic effect: 4 colours
  • Glitter effect: 7 colours
  • Pearl effect: 8 colours
  • Auxiliary: glue. This glue remains tacky in order to work with gold leaves.

CARING (decorated objects):

with a dry cloth.


directly with the tube. It can be used with a knife.


with soap and water.


20 ml tube - all colours and glue.


Deco3D lets you decorate in 3D on most surfaces (wood, metal, paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, clay, plastic, canvas, etc.).

Its non-sticky formula lends for many possibilities when used on paper: card making, art journaling, etc.

Apply with the tube to draw beads, thin or thick lines, or with the knife, on most surfaces. Leave it to dry for 12 hours (increase this drying time in case of humidity of over 80%). For maintenance of decorated surfaces, wipe with a dry cloth.

Its metal tube facilitates the grip and enables total consumption of the product. It guarantees the prevention of air bubbles and the cleanliness of the ongoing work.