For even more effects, discover the various tools to use from the decoAccessoires range: 
They are easy to use and will give your decor a personal touch!

  • Set of 2 aqua brushes
  • 50 ml spray, empty
  • Sponge 
  • Deco tools set
  • decoPochoirs stencils

The decoPochoirs includes 9 contemporary designs. They adapt to all forms due to their flexible material and they are reusable.

set of deco

The set of deco tools that includes: a stencil brush, foam applicators, a shaper, a polyamide flat brush and a foam roller.

50 ml sprays

Two 50 ml sprays for applying diluted colours and inks.

drop-shaped sponge

A drop-shaped sponge for shapes ranging from small details to a large area.