The new acrylic paint marker for creators

A new deco spirit! Play with the infinite colours proposed by the 4 nibs in this decoMarker range.

This range is acrylic and offers:

  • 4 nib sizes
  • 47 colours
  • 3 effects: matt, precious and fluorescent

Draw, fill, write, decorate, make solid colours, the decoMarker does not drip, the colours are opaque and can be mixed together, and can be overlapped when dry.

  • QUALITY: markers containing an acrylic water and pigment-based paint. 0.7 mm fine tip(1), 1.2 mm round tip(1), 4 mm round tip(1) and 4 mm script liner(1) for most surfaces. It has a pump mechanism allowing more or less paint to flow to the nib, and therefore very good dosage when applied to the surface to be painted. There is a replacement tip in the lid in order to optimise the use of each decoMarker. In case the nib originally mounted in the holder is damaged or unusable, proceed to replace it (see pictogram)
  • BASE: water
  • AIR-DRY (2): 10 to 30 minutes to the touch. Fully dry from 6-12 hours.
  • CLEANING: with soapy water before fully drying
  • SURFACES: paper, cardboard, papier-mâché, wood, metal, terracotta, plastic, canvas, ...
  • FINISHES: satin opaque, fluorescent and precious.
  • CARING (decorated objects): with a dry cloth. No soaking.
  • STORAGE: Horizontally once initiated, with the lid properly repositioned and clipped. decoMarker comes in 47 colours and 4 different sizes and shapes of tips: 0.7 mm extra-fine tip(1) => 16 colours -1.2 mm fine point(1) => 47 colours - 4 mm medium round tip(1) => 16 colours - 4 mm script liner(1) => 16 colours

First use:

1) Shake the marker with the lid closed for a minimum of 5 seconds.2) Prime the tip (test surface different to the object to be decorated) press on the tip severaltimes on a sheet of paper to soak it with paint. Priming is fast. There is no need to applyquick repetitive pressure. Keeping constant pressure on the tip once it partially retractsinto the marker enables the paint to pass through the pump and load the nib.3) Test on a sheet of paper or ideally on the surface to be applied to decoMarker can be used on most surfaces: wood (with a gesso-type undercoat), paper, cardboard, metal, chassis, fabric, photographs, polystyrene, terracotta, ... and several techniques can be applied. The range has a good colour fidelity after drying and excellent lightfastness. (See 'STORAGE')

Subsequent uses:

The same recommendations as the first use. It is advisable to clean the nib holder with papertowels, in case of accidentally applying excessive dosage of paint, and before clipping the lid forstorage.