Take care of your ceramics!

Have you ever thought of decorating your ceramic pieces? Use Ceramic auxiliaries: the undercoat sealer, the lightening medium and odourless mineral spirits are essential tools for creating magnificent decorative effects on ceramics, terracotta and pottery.

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Médium éclaircissant

Médium éclaircissant : permet de créer des tons plus clairs sans appauvrir ni fluidifier le produit. Existe en 45 ml.


Filler undercoat

Primer that is applied to a porous surface to avoid the absorption of colours and thus guarantee that they retain their brightness.

  • SURFACES: terracotta, wood, plaster.
  • OPACITY: transparent after drying.
  • FINISH: matt.
  • CLEANING THE BRUSHES: with soapy water
  • CONDITIONING: 45ml bottle.


Allows you to create lighter shades without weakening or thinning the product.

  • OPACITY: transparent.
  • FINISH: gloss.
  • CLEANING THE BRUSHES: odourless mineral spirit or white spirit.
  • PACKAGING: 45ml bottle.