Customize your fabrics with patterns created using Setacolor


Make your urban jungle cushion in just a few minutes with 3 Setacolor Opaque colours


A pastel-colour cushion that is totally smooth with Setacolor Opaque and Setacolor Suede Effect


A laundry bag with Setacolor Opaque  


Setacolor Opaque


Setacolor Opaque Pearl

Setacolor Multi-Coloured Glitter

Setacolor Multi-Coloured Glitter

Setacolor Opaque Suede Effect

Setacolor Opaque Suede Effect

Setacolor Opaque 250ml

Setacolor Opaque 250ml

A great many colours and textures for your creations on fabric

Launched in the early '60s, the Setacolor range has become the essential tool for textile painting.

In 2013, the range was expanded by developing its colour chart and finishes in collaboration with major names in fashion.

Now made up of more than one hundred textile products, above all, Setacolor is the limitless means for you to express your creativity.

For light or dark fabrics, and for both professionals and amateurs, these highquality paints do not alter the flexibility of your artistic medium, and are resistant to washing at 40°C after setting. Ideal for home decor, clothing customisation or works on fabrics, expand your techniques with Setacolor colours.