Customize your fabrics with patterns created using Setacolor


Make your urban jungle cushion in just a few minutes with 3 Setacolor Opaque colours


A pastel-colour cushion that is totally smooth with Setacolor Opaque and Setacolor Suede Effect


A laundry bag with Setacolor Opaque  


Setacolor Opaque


Setacolor Opaque Pearl

Setacolor Multi-Coloured Glitter

Setacolor Multi-Coloured Glitter

Setacolor Opaque Suede Effect

Setacolor Opaque Suede Effect

Setacolor Opaque 250ml

Setacolor Opaque 250ml

A great many colours and textures for your creations on fabric

It's said that you dress according to your mood. But why not the other way around? With Pebeo fabric and silk paints, you can make a positive change! Put on a scarf decorated in shades of red to feel triumphant; a dress enhanced with orange for appeal; a fawn spotted hat to be transported elsewhere. Not only can clothes be given a new life, but also cushions, tablecloths or table linens. All it takes is a pen or a brush and a few Pebeo fabric colours. Even a security blanket can be enhanced!