7A opaque markers

4mm round tip markers, suitable for use on light and dark textiles.

With their opaque ink, they are ideal for all creations.

Range of 18 colours, including 6 pastels and 3 precious finishes (finely glittered).

  • QUALITY: 18 opaque colours, including 4 metallic and 6 pastel. Opaque, very matte ink. 4mm round tip, suitable for textile application.
  • SURFACES: Can be used on most previously washed, thin or thick, dark or light fabrics. FIXING: Iron for 5 minutes, using the cotton without steam setting, on the back of the fabric. DRYING: Air-dry for 2 hours.
  • CARING (decorated surfaces): 48 hours after application, the colours will hold when hand washed and / or machine washed at 40° C.
  • STORAGE: store flat. Protect from frost and heat.
  • WARNING: Air travel can cause an excess of ink on the tip and cap. Carefully open the cap and, if necessary, clean the tip and cap before use.

A range of professional-quality fabric markers. Shake the marker, then prime the tip a few seconds before use.