Setacolor Opaque

23 water-based colours, opaque and high in pigment.

Ready-to-use and miscible with each other.

Setacolor Opaque Orange

Setacolor Opaque Orange

Setacolor Opaque Blueberry 1L

Cobalt blue Setacolor opaque, 1 l

Housse de pouf
  • QUALITY: Water based colours dedicated to the decoration of dark, thin or thick fabrics.
  • Covering, concentrated, intense and vivid colours. The colours can be mixed together. Excellent light fastness.
  • DRYING: Air dry in 1 hour
  • SURFACES: most thin or thick fabrics, with natural or synthetic fibres, prewashed.
  • DILUTION: Ready to use colours.
  • OPACITY: Opaque colours
  • FINISH: Matt, opaque and covering
  • FIXING: Two possibilities: 1) With an iron on cotton position, no steam, for 5 minutes, on the reverse side of theFabric; 2) In the oven, for 5 minutes at 150°C (300°F) (stabilized temperature).
  • CARING (decorated fabric): after fixing, the colours resist machine washing at 40°C (100°F) and hand washing. Tumble drying and dry cleaning are not recommended.
  • APPLICATION TOOLS: Pébéo Cobra deco or Iris brushes, sponge, dropper, acetate, Setacolor stencil
  • TOOL CLEANING: Soapy water.
  • CAPACITY: 4 to 5 m² per litre for 45 ml ≈ 0.2 m²
  • NUMBER OF COLOURS: 23 colours 
  • PACKING:- 45 ML bottle - all colours- 250 ML bottle - 4 colours- 1L bottle - 3 colours 
  • Protect from freezing.

Stir before use. Setacolor Opaque colours can be used on all prewashed fabrics: cotton, wool, mesh, jersey, velvet, jacquard knit, polyester, mixed fibers, and even leather. They can be used pure or diluted with water to obtain a watercolor effect. Their rich texture is particularly indicated for various textile decorating techniques: with a paint brush, dropper, stamp, silkscreen painting stencil... When used with Setacolor auxiliaries additional effects can be obtained to multiply the techniques. To fix the Setacolor colours, iron the reverse side of the decorated fabric for 5 minutes on cotton position with no steam. It is also possible to put the fabrics in the kitchen oven. After 5 minutes at 150°C (300°F) the colours are fixed. Once fixed, the colours resist machine washing.