Setacolor light fabrics

Vivid and bright colours for your light fabrics. 15 classic colours and 5 fluorescent colours for your creations that will preserve the softness of your fabrics.

Setacolor tissus clairs Jaune

Jaune fluo

Setacolor tissus clairs Orange

Fluorescent orange


Violet parme


Bleu cobalt




1L - Fushia

  • QUALITY: Water-based colours created for the decoration of most light-coloured fabrics. Vibrant, matt and luminous. With its light texture, Setacolor Light Fabrics does not alter the suppleness and finesse of fabrics. Colours can be mixed together. Excellent lightfastness.
  • SURFACES: The majority of fine or thick, natural or synthetic, prewashed light fabrics.
  • DRYING TIME: Air-dry in 1 hour. Tumble drying and dry cleaning are not recommended.
  • THINNER: Ready-to-use colours.
  • OPACITY: Transparent colours.
  • FINISH: Matt: 15 colours; Fluorescent: 5 colours.
  • FIXING: Two possibilities. 1- With an iron, on the cotton setting without steam, for 5 minutes on the reverse side of the fabric. 2- In a domestic oven, for 5 minutes at 150°C (300°F), (at a stabletemperature).
  • CARE (for decorated fabrics): 48 hours after fixing, the colours resist a 40°C (100°F) machine or hand washing.
  • TOOLS: Pébéo Cobra deco or Iris brushes, sponge, pipette, acetate, Setacolor stencil…
  • TOOL CLEANING: Soap and water.
  • PACKAGING: 45ml bottle – all colours, 1L bottle– 2 colours
  • Protect from freezing.

Stir before using. Setacolor Light Fabric colours go on all pre-washed fabrics: cotton, wool, cotton wool, knits, jerseys, velvet, jacquard, polyester, blended fibres, nonwovens and even leather. They are used pure or diluted with water to obtain watercolour effects.

Setacolor Light Fabrics’ rich texture is suitable for many fabric decoration techniques: brush, pipette, acetate, bubble wrap, stamping, silk screening, stencil ... Diluted with water, they can be used for sun painting.

To fix Setacolor colours, iron the reverse side of the decorated fabric for 5 minutes on the cotton setting without steam. You can also place the decorated fabric in a domestic oven for 5 minutes at 150°C (300°F) to fix the colours. After fixing, the colours resist machine washing. The sun-painting technique with Setacolor light fabrics. Based on the heliographic art technique, simply apply the diluted Setacolor light fabrics colours (2 parts water to one part paint) to a damp fabric, then arrange your objects and expose your creation to the heat of a simple lamp or the sun. The patterns will be transferred to the fabric!