The silk scope of all palettes

You love silk - you love its beauty, its delicacy, its light soft feel - no wonder, it is the noblest of fabrics. Don't worry that it may be too delicate: with Setasilk you can easily paint on silk since its colours are fixed simply by ironing. With Setasilk, you can paint on silk with ease. There are 24 colours that can be mixed or used directly from the bottle to obtain bright refined tones. Take the plunge!

Setasilk - Navy

Setasilk - Navy

Setasilk - Raspberry

Setasilk - Raspberry

Setasilk - Antique gold

Setasilk - Antique gold

Setasilk Range

Setasilk Range


Setasilk sur soie


Créer un foulard avec Setasilk



Water based colours, vivid and intense for painting on silk. Fluid, they fuse on silk.

Colour mixability:

can be mixed together.


air dry in a few minutes.


all types of silk.


Setasilk Thinner.


Transparent colours.



To fix:

Press on the reverse side of the fabric for 5 minutes using an iron set on the “cotton” position.

Caring (decorated fabrics):

48 hours after fixing, colours resist handwashing and dry cleaning.


Soft and very thin, with a high retention capacity, the pure squirrel brushes are ideal for painting on silk. From a modern technology, the Aqua range brushes are made from synthetic fibers, are soft and durable, can match the performance of sable at the best price. For backgrounds and washes, foam brushes are the most practical.

Brush cleaning:

Soapy water.

Number of colours:

24 colours


45ml bottle with drop cap - all colours. 


Setasilk is used as a traditional colour and works on all types of silk: twill, pongé, crêpe de Chine,crêpe georgette, damask silk, ... Very easy to use, it can be fixed simply by ironing, Setasilk colourssuit all silk painting techniques: outlines, salt sprinkling technique, watercolour, sun technique, waxbatik, mahaju technique...They retain the silk's flexibility and offer a palette of rich, refined tones and great brightness. Do not hesitate to go over to the wet colour for good unison. Before being worked, silk must be either stretched on a frame or placed on a fleece and fixed with anadhesive. This solution is more convenient for media such as neckties.For large works, fixed in an oven: 5 min at 150 °C is recommended. Setasilk colours can be used with anairbrush.