The imposing beauty of the stained glass - right at your reach

You've always loved stained glass... Why not make it yourself? With its Vitrail transparent colours, Pebeo makes this splendid art accessible to all.  You can easily imitate the lead strips of stained glass windows using self adhesive lead strips, combined with transparent colours to create astonishingly beautiful light effects. 

Les 10 nouvelles couleurs Vitrail opale

The Vitrail range comes in 37 transparent colours and 10 opalescent colours for an opaque effect.


Vitrail is also available in a Discovery Set.


Vitrail transparent paint is available in 37 colours in 45 ml bottles and 8 colours in 250 ml bottles.

Vitrail Workbox

Vitrail is also available in a Workbox.


Luminous colours



  • QUALITY: Transparent, intense and very bright colours. Solvent based, ready to use. Colours
  • can be mixed together. Good lightfastness. Use with the Cerne Relief.
  • DRYING: 2 hours to the touch, completely dry after 10 hours. Drying times can vary
  • depending on the thickness of the application, and the temperature and humidity of the room
  • where the product is applied.
  • SURFACES: Glass, polyester, acetate...
  • THINNER: Odourless mineral spirit or white spirit.
  • CARING (decorated surfaces): After drying, the colour bear a light wash without soaking.
  • Resistant to glass cleaner. The objects decorated with Vitrail colours should not be considered
  • for practical usage, but only intended for decorative purposes.
  • TOOLS: Pébéo Cobra deco or Iris brushes.
  • BRUSH CLEANING: Odourless mineral spirit or white spirit then rinse with soap and water.
  • NUMBER OF COLOURS: 26 colours.
  • CAPACITY: 45 ml = 0.5 m².
  • PACKAGING: 45ml bottle - all colours. 250ml bottle - 2 colours.

Cerne Relief

Cerne Relief is applied directly from the tube to draw patterns before applying the Vitrail colours and, thus, provides a perfect imitation of stained-glass.

  • FINISH: gloss.
  • SURFACES: glass, metal, earthenware, etc.
  • TOOLS: apply directly from the tube.
  • PACKAGING: 20 ml nozzle tube - 10 colours, 37 ml nozzle tube - 3 colours, Nozzle tube in a blister pack - 6 colours

Pébéo's Vitrail colours are applied with a brush to all carefully degreased transparent surfaces: glass, acetate, polyester, plexiglas. The 26 "antique" Vitrail colours are dense and very transparent. The decorated surface has good hardness. To imitate stained glass, use the Vitrail colours with the Cerne Relief outliners. They are applied directly from the tube with nozzle before applying the Vitrail colours. The Vitrail colours may also be used with the bath technique. Always clean brushes thoroughly with white spirit or odourless mineral spirit, then rinse with soapy water and they are ideal with the Pébéo Mixed Media techniques by Pébéo. Before using the Gédéo Gazing Resin, it is recommended to apply a coat of Bindex (8 hours drying on completely dry Vitrail colours (72 hours minimum).