Go green with your glasses…

Saffron Yellow, Pimento Red and Turquoise are just three of the 35 brilliant colours in amazingly transparent, shimmering or frosted finishes from the Vitrea 160 range for decorating glass. Using a marker, a dimensional outliner or a brush and paint, you can easily create unique and permanent works. After firing at 325ºF (160ºC), in a kitchen oven, Vitrea 160 colours are resistant to washing.

Vitrea 160

Vitrea 160 is available in a range of 35 colours in 45 ml bottles, 10 Cloisonné Outliner colours in 20 ml and 18 colours in felt tip markers.

Vitrea 160 Workbox

Vitrea 160 colours are also available in a Workbox.

Vitrea 160 Gift Box

Vitrea 160 is also available in a Discovery Set.

Vitrea 160

Vitréa 160 paints on glasses