Go green with your glasses…

Saffron Yellow, Pimento Red and Turquoise are just three of the 35 brilliant colours in amazingly transparent, shimmering or frosted finishes from the Vitrea 160 range for decorating glass. Using a marker, a dimensional outliner or a brush and paint, you can easily create unique and permanent works. After firing at 325ºF (160ºC), in a kitchen oven, Vitrea 160 colours are resistant to washing.

Vitrea 160

Vitrea 160 is available in a range of 35 colours in 45 ml bottles, 10 Cloisonné Outliner colours in 20 ml and 18 colours in felt tip markers.

Vitrea 160 Workbox

Vitrea 160 colours are also available in a Workbox.

Vitrea 160 Gift Box

Vitrea 160 is also available in a Discovery Set.

Vitrea 160

Vitréa 160 paints on glasses

  • QUALITY: 36 watercolours for glass, available in glossy, frosted or iridescent transparency, remarkably luminous. Excellent lightfastness. The colours are ready to use and mixed together.
  • COLOUR DRYING, MEDIA AND MARKERS FOR DECORATIVE USE: 72 hours with light wash, without soaking.
  • RANGE, IN ORDER TO BE DISHWASHER-SAFE: 40 minutes at 160° C (stabilised temperature) in domestic oven, after a minimum of 24 hours drying.
  • SURFACES: Glass, crystal ... Media such as Pyrex ®, Arcopal ® or equivalents must not be used.
  • DILUTION: Vitrea 160 thinner.
  • OPACITY: Transparent colours.
  • FINISH: Glossy, frosted or iridescent.
  • CARING (decorated surfaces): After cooking, the colours are dishwasher-safe, resistant to alcohol, solvents and common detergents. For better strength/durability, machine wash cycle ECO, and ideally, position in the top basket.
  • PAINT BRUSHES: Cobra deco or Iris Pébéo brushes
  • CLEANING PAINTBRUSHES: with soap and water.
  • NUMBER OF COLOURS: 20 glossy, transparent colours, 10 frosted colours, 6 iridescent colours.
  • PACKAGING: 45ml bottle – 32 colours – Protect from freezing. Glossy markers with normal tip, 1.2mm - 9 colours. Natural felt tip markers, 1.2mm - 9 colours. Relief colours in nozzle tube, 20ml - 10 colours. Relief colours in tube in blister pack - 10 colours.

CAUTION FOR MARKERS: Air travel can cause an excess of ink on the tip and cap. Carefullyopen the cap and, if necessary, clean the tip and cap before use. 


Vitrea 160 watercolours combine professional quality with ease of use. After baking at 160° C in a domestic oven, the colours become deeper in hue. The glass then appears to have been directly dyed in the mass. On glass or crystal, the transparency and effects of Vitrea 160 colours take best advantage of the light. Vitrea 160 can, nevertheless, be applied to other media that can be heated at a temperature of 160° C. Whether they be liquids in bottles, pastes in tubes or markers, the Vitrea 160 colours present the same characteristics and properties. Used together, they allow you to freely vary the effects and techniques. Their transparent glossy, frosted and iridescent finishes invite you to create multiple plays on light and contrasts. To make the colours more fluid, use the Vitrea 160 Thinner. Shiny and Frosted Media serve to brighten the colours without depleting them, the Iridescent Medium gives them pearlescent reflections. The Vitrea 160 reliefs, in nozzle tubes, make it possible to work in relief and to contain the colours. The Vitrea 160 markers are recommended for upstrokes, lines and writing. Shake before using. Then, press the tip several times to prime. Air dry 72 hours for decorative use, with light wash and without soaking. Leave to air dry for 24 hours, then bake for 40 minutes at 160° C in order to be dishwasher-safe (following recommendations noted on the label). Store flat. Protect from freezing. Before applying Vitrea 160, simply degreasing with alcohol or soapy water suffices. Place the decorated object in a cold oven. Once the temperature reaches 160° C, it cook for 40 minutes.At the end of baking, open the oven and leave the object to cool down inside to prevent any thermal shock. After cooking, decors are dishwasher-safe (following recommendations), and resistant to solvents and common detergents.Only surfaces that are not intended to come into contact with food should be decorated. There is no danger in drinking in a glass decorated with Vitrea 160 if the application stops more or less 1 cm from the edge (mustard jar principle). Nevertheless, migration tests carried out by an accredited laboratory have shown that accidental contact of decorated areas with food does not represent a health hazard.