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Arty's Fabrics, a collection of creative fabrics to decorate your home, including fascinating pieces that lend themselves to all sorts of work such as painting, embroidery, sewing, conversion, customizing, etc, -  the trend is to personalize, so go ahead!

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fabric items to paint

A whole range of silk and cotton accessories to be painted and customised.

fabrics to paint for the home

A collection of fabrics to paint, for the home.

Fashion accessories to paint

Home or fashion accessories to be painted and customised. 

Security blankets to paint

Accessories for children to be customised by or for them.


A large choice of silk supports, along with the necessary Guttafor Setasilk stress-free creations.


The materials to decorate Arty's cotton or linen, include customization with creative textiles, painting, embroidery or sewing. 

Always proceed to tests before starting your work