A gold and silver t-shirt with Setacolor shimmer colours

For this Indian Summer season,  here is a trendy gold and silver t-shirt to create with your bunch of friends.
An easy workshop for a bluffing result !

Follow the step by step >

Material :

  • Setacolor Shimmer Gold 45ml jar
  • Setacolor Shimmer Silver 45ml jar
  • Foam roller
  • Adhesive tape
  • Cotton T-shirt
setacolor fabric paints gold and silver

Easy and sexy !

setacolor paints gold and silver

Completion time: 40 minutes Drying time: 12 hoursCleaning of tools : soapy water

don't forget to protect the inside t-shirt

Step 1 : In order to protect the T-shirt, it is necessary to place a cardboard inside it. Delineate a large square with adhesive tape.


Step 2 : Form squares of identical size by placing the adhesive tape inside the large square.

gold colour application

Step 3 : Using the foam roller, paint some of the squares with the colour gold.

silver colour application

Step 4 :Using the foam roller, paint the remaining squares with the colour silver.

step 5

Step 5 : Carefully remove the adhesive tape, allow to dry 12 hours and fix using an iron, on the cotton position and upside down, the paint on the T-shirt.